Friday, March 27, 2009

14 Minutes

I ran on a treadmill for 14 minutes today. I also walked briskly for 16, but this little story is really about those 14 minutes of running or what that represents. To be quite honest I shocked the heck out of even myself. Now, I know that for anyone out there who is even the slightest bit in shape and or even minutely truly athletic this little milestone of mine is well, slightly anticlimatic. I get that, and yet I'm undeterred.

This whole get the ass off the couch thing started when I saw a Wynonna Judd commercial several weeks ago. Do you know how that pains me to admit that? Wynonna, who seems like a nice gal on the commercial even if her highlights are a bit extreme admits to "not putting herself on the list". Yes, it is a commercial and all, but I get that. That speaks to me. Did I run out and buy the diet pill she was hocking, oh no, but I do understand what she's saying. Look folks, I may not be Heidi Klum or anything but gees, I'm going to get heart disease and be in triple digit jean sizes if I don't pay a little more attention to myself. I'm with you sister Wynonna.

I'm almost 40, the kids have completely taken over my life, the wee little small business I have eats up many more hours a week than the clock shows exist and then there's laundry too. It's no longer about being Heidi Klum, but rather just being on a list. An important list. A list where there is time for me each week to help make me strong. I swear my goal wasn't really to run anywhere for any length of time. If only my goals were that lofty, run a marathon, hah, get real. No, I was merely motivated by the fact that I simply would not buy bigger pants for spring. And, truth be told I was down to only about 3 pairs that fit. And now, I'm a little stronger. I ran 14 minutes today! I wore a pair of pants that have been collecting dust, they were not loose but I was in them. I was in them!

And if that isn't enough, I 'm hanging around the section of the gym where there are free weights. Free weights, did you read that? I'm going after that little line you get in your upper arm if you hang out at a gym long enough and lift something other than a donut and a three year old. I'm going after that feeling of a light spring in your step after climbing a flight of stairs rather than that old tired slumpy I need to slow down for a minute.

I'm going after that feeling where I'm important too. Being strong is just as great as volunteering at the school, just as important as a balanced checkbook.

Now does anyone have any great ipod shuffle tunes preferrably quite snappy that you can get a little sweat on and work through an endorphin high while feeling about 20 years younger than you really are? Seriously, I'd like your very best thump a bump tune ideas.


Traci said...

Write your name in permanent marker near the top of the list. You go, Sister!


Anonymous said...

"and lift something other than a donut and a three year old" ... ha ha I love it! :-)

I use my Ipod while I'm walking and have often thought I need some more upbeat tunes - let me know if you get a good list. I know I've seen lists that have songs listed by how many beats per second. I should google that right now...

(looks like I've forgotten my username and/or password again!)

Lisa and Tate said...

Love this post. Makes me want to hit the road with the dog tomorrow (too late at night right now) and get my heart pumping. I want to get on the list too.

Kendra said...

I'm right there with you! Keep up the good work... maybe it will inspire me!

(BTW, a couple of retro tunes I like for exercising: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and "Modern Love" by David Bowie. They always make me want to move.)

Mac said...

Boy does this post talk to me! I recently had my bw checked and was shocked to get my cholesterol reading back. It was not so much the overall cholesterol, but my triglycerides that shocked my doctor and I...talking about a heart attack waiting to happen. I would never have guessed it was as high as it was.
Needless to say I have changed the diet and have started working out. If you haven't tried it, try Zumba..lots of fun( gotta laugh at yourself though) and burns loads of calories:) Love the post!