Saturday, February 21, 2009

Should I be alarmed?

I was cleaning Liv's room yesterday and found a beheaded little man in her play kitchen sink.

You don't think she's been reading Gloria Steinem late at night or anything do you?

I suspect the dog may have helped with the more gruesome aspects of the physical beheading. But as for how the bodily remains got into the sink, well that remains a mystery.

One fact that cannot be shrugged off God that little beheaded man in the sink looks remarkably like her father.

Maybe ol' shifty eye on the left had a part in this debauchery.

That will teach the old guy to go away on a business trip in Florida while the henchwomen have to stay and play in the snow.


Mac said...

That is hilarious! It does look very much like their father. I needed a good laugh this morning and I can always get that from your blog!

2china4S said...

I hated dolls as a child (still do) but kept getting them as presents. Since they were there, I would perform surgery on them and stitch them up with the real thing my mother would bring from the OR. I assure you that I'm not a serial killer, so I don't think Liv is going to grow up to decapitate people. ;)