Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Shoppe

My town has had an old fashioned candy shoppe for 5 months now and I didn't know it. How could this happen? This is probably sign number 16 showing me I need to expand my two mile radius off the cul-de-sac and get out there in the world a bit more. Preschool pick up does not a life make. I'm losing my mojo, there was a time when I could sniff out a lemon head at under 5 miles. This mommy gig dulls your senses and makes you weak.

Thank goodness for Ava and her extreme social calendar filled with activities galore. Her most recent Brownie outing, was none other than the Sweet Shoppe here in town. Well, you know who was crashing that party right? Oh yeah, the Liv'ster and I showed up with dollars in our pockets and proclaimed we would simply peruse the shop while Ava and her Brownie Buddies learned their lesson about the power of pennies.

Here's Liv, two fisting the candy coated blueberry gummy heart and the smartie's large lollipop. Notice the sugar induced trance starting here in this photo. She's off in another world. I must have taken 16 photos of her as we sat down with our two rather large bags of candy. She absolutely couldn't bring herself to smile, she was taking the experience that seriously.

It was ok, I was smiling big enough for the both of us, that place is so grand.

Here is Livi barfing blue onto her lollipop after I let her eat 37 pieces of penny candy in less than 6 minutes.

But seriously, she still wasn't smiling. It's all in a days work. The kid didn't crack a smile and relax until her blood sugar levels were just shy of causing diabetic coma.

A little while later, the Brownie troop released 10 little 1st graders each with $4.00 to spend in the shoppe. Mayhem insued and Ava rose out of the chaos wearing big red wax candy lips among other purchases.

Ironically enough I've seen a few Hollywood stars appear on the red carpet with similar collogen implants. I'm sure Ava paid a bit less for the big lips. (I couldn't help myself from asking her if she'd like to borrow my Styla lip pumping sting lip gloss when I saw this. Sailed right over her head, the kid's still doing time in JV with Bonne Bell's Watermelon chapstick.) Ava's dear friend C opted for tropical fruit Razzles instead, smart girl.

Here they are all hopped up on sugar with the shakes. These are the faces of our town's dentist's next Mercedes Benz.

Are you looking for a winter time blues buster? Gather your pocket full of change and head on out to the nearest candy store. It will be good for your soul, bad for your teeth but good for your soul.


Lisa~~ said...

Looks like a great outing for the girls (and Mom) so much fun. Wednesday was party day at school and Maisie had the same sugar-induced-coma-glazed-look that Liv was sporting. My girl too loves her sugar!

B-squared said...

OMG! How did I miss this place, too? I love those lollipops Liv has. Used to always get those at the pool when I was a kid. Hmmm,mmmmm! Maybe one of those library playdates ends in a fieldtrip....

Alyson and Ford said...

You are too funny! I could just imagine the fun and sugar rush as I was reading! I would need to wire my mouth shut before walking into that store as I would be right in there with the girls!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for FIVE Months!

Beverly said...

What a great shop!