Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Foot Of Snow

Who knew that when we would wake up yesterday morning we would see all this snow?

We woke up to about 8" of it! Schools were cancelled and we sat in the playroom watching another 4" fall before lunch.

The girls were of course dying to go play in all the glorious white stuff.

The backyard was covered, top to bottom.

Livi made sure she was styled appropriately. There would be no shade of pink under represented.

Why is it that people under the age of about 12 years old do not seem to feel the immense cold that is associated with rolling around in a foot of snow while the air temperature hovers around 14 degrees?

They cold have played all day and all I could muster was that my ankles were wet and freezing! I only lasted 45 minutes.

I think Liv is pondering how long it will take before hypothermia will settle in under those snowy mitts. Chloe tore through the backyard as if she hadn't been out of the crate in 3 months. I honestly don't know whether she realized her face was covered until it melted off on my couch.


Traci said...

Jade was in multiple shades of pink as well. Great pictures! I really don't get how they tolerate the cold either. Must have something to do with them moveing around, running, jumping and playing while we stand and watch them. Yea, it's probably that.

Love the pics.


OziMum said...

The same could be said, for extreme heat - my kids haven't complained once... yet I'll have a whinge every few minutes!!!

Looks refreshing!!!

Stephanie said...

That brings back lots of memories of when I was growing up - I LOVED spending time out in the snow and would stay out as long as humanly possible! Now I'd rather watch the kids from the window.

Dawn said...

Love it Perrin! We did the same thing. I froze my butt off too. It was fun watching the two of them go crazy.