Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And The Winner Is...

To determine the big winner of help Perrin decide on a birthday craft to keep 7 year old short people busy for two hours while hyped up on cupcakes and bug juice is.....Ahh ha, can't give it away just yet.

We had to have an executive round table meeting with folks over in research and development. This is what that looks like over here.
What you see here are research and development. Research was preparing to catch the bus at this breakfast meeting, thus the coat and mitts. Development decided to forego pantyhose and the power suit and instead opted for her snuggle bear jammies. It was also her idea to bring cranberry bread with butter to the meeting. Do you think Hilary will take her pink security blankie to her senate confirmation meetings today? We all have to start somewhere right?

Many of your fabulous suggestions were placed on the table using only Robert's Rules of Order, of course.

Some of your suggestions, although seemingly well thought out met with minor apprehension and did not receive the ultimate winning vote. As you can see here "Miss I Forgot My Power Suit" has a little work to do on her emotional quotient score at breakfast meetings.

Or maybe it was the fact that I forgot to buy hot chocolate at the grocery this week. We may never know the whole truth on that one.

Ultimately it was Ani's comment about cardboard boxes to paint with the existing mongo box of old acrylics I want to use up that lead me to cardboard initial letters. (Same aisle, next to the treasure boxes, so she gets the prize.) Each little party goer will receive a cardboard 6" inital corresponding with her name to paint and then take home to place with all of the grade school crafty junk she already has in her room. Yipee! So many of you had some pretty dang good ideas that I might use one or two of them in the event that 12 little girls do not finish at the exact same time and might need a little more painting entertainment. That won't happen right? They will all work neatly and quietly and finish in a timely manner right? Naivite is a beautiful thing, yes?

So, at the end of the meeting both research and development seemed to be quite happy with the party planning ideas and decisions.

A motion was raised to bring donuts at the next meeting of executive minds on the cul-de-sac.

Motion denied.

Now to the business of thank you Ani for a great idea that will ultimately make me the most popular mom on the block, I mean quietly entertain 7 year olds in the middle of January for 2 hours.

I made you a panda pouch. Little pandas with apples. I thought pandas ate bamboo, but what do I know?

Go ahead and email me or comment with your full name and address and the panda pouch is yours, ready to be shipped off to Puerto Rico. Oh, you lucky gal...Puerto Rico.

***I did not link to Ani because I could only see a profile, no actual blog. Ahh well, just email me and I'll ship it rightout.

Many thanks for the help and so many nifty ideas. :)

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Ani said...

oh my gosh, i am SO excited!!!! no blog, don't have the discipline for that... but i will email you my info :)