Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two...and a half

Don't you just hate it when you are speaking to someone about the cantankerous and onerous things your 2 1/2 year old is doing on a very regular basis and then they remind you that 2 is nothing it is the three year olds you must seriously fear?

The once shy and laid back easiest baby in the whole wide world has now entered the chamber of darkness and has taken to regularly spinning her head 360 degrees while spewing green goo. Video at 10pm.

Here are some things I've noticed this week:

  • She will not tolerate anyone within 6 feet of her while she attempts to completely dress herself. This includes diapering and complicated sandal buckles, of course.
  • She cannot stand when her sister even suggests that they, God forbid, share a toy. She shows her displeasure with 63 decibel schreeching that has me headed for early hearing aids.
  • She insists on fastening the car seat all by herself even though it has been ergonomically designed by engineering staff to make sure it is not doable for any two year old.
  • She cannot help herself from stealing everyone's shoes and spreading them throughout the house making it quite difficult to find a matching pair of shoes when you are already 10 minutes late leaving the house.
  • She delights in science experiments, like feeding the dog peanut butter from a hole in the crate and dumping the water bowl into the food bowl. Once was sort of funny, twice and I called her independent and spunky thrice....and she's going to find a new place to rent.
  • She cannot help herself from torturing the dog by holding her collar in a vice grip every second I am not eagle eyeing her.
  • She makes a second pass at doggie torture by tossing her obviously illegal toys to the dog while Ava and I run screaming after the dog DROP IT CHLOE!
  • She simply WILL NOT concede to being potty trained, but delights in telling me the minute she pees and poops in the diaper and then insists on being changed.
  • She will perform olympic quality splits, front rollovers, and monkey bar antics on command at home and screams and whines while clinging to my neck at toddler gymnastics (which we dropped out of today, thank you very much.)
  • She refuses to eat meat, green things and whirls sippy cups at moving targets. And still she has managed to attain 37" and 28 1/2 lbs. She is the same size as her sister at 3 1/2 years old. This little fact caused me to have to scavenage around in the 105 degree attic this weekend for gently used size nine shoes and size 3T clothes. How does one grow that much on fruit snacks and cheese crackers?
  • Oh, and she's pushing back on nap time.
Oh, no hold on there sparky...nap time is non-negotiable.


potandkettle said...

3-1/2 is giving me a serious, serious run for my money. Sometimes it leaves me scratching my head wondering where she mastered her negotiating skills. Don't forget the snubby crayons with the paper half torn off...they don't color nearly as well.

Anonymous said...

Wait until they throw a fit because you won't cut their (round!) sandwich bun "corner to corner". Now THERE'S a good reason to be glad he's 14!!


erin said...

Ahh! If I had your writing talent, I could have written this same post at my house! "All by SELF," is all I hear all day long--especially when it comes to dressing and car seat buckling. Drives me nuts and now I must leave extra time to get ready because she's doing it "all by self." My 2-1/2 is the most independent, willful (yet utterly lovable) little girl I've ever come across.

diana said...

Well, I agree with all of it, but just wait until 3 and 3/4 when all is finally well again. Seriously, my Ava is so easy and fun right now, I can barely remember the time that she cried for 30 minutes because she didn't want the milk I gave her (last summer). She's gotten so good at her own car seat buckles (obviously designed for a three and 3/4 year old not a 2 and 1/2 year old), that I can practically throw her in the seat and we're ready to go. So, um, only about a year to go until everything is easy as pie, right? (Don't remind me how she might react to kindergarten. I like believing things only get easier with age.)

Elaine said...

I'm telling you, our girls are communicating somehow. Mine is right with Liv on all the above (with the exception of the dog related and the car seat - no dog and no car seat here). Yesterday she had diarrhea so the "my diaper! my diaper!" cries were every freaking 3 minutes.
I've given up trying to dress her and gladly take her into public wearing her clothing backwards and unmatching. I am taking photos to use against her in the future.

Beverly said...

Well what an independent girl she is turning into. You will def have to learn how to work this to your advantage, heh.

Shhhhhh .... it's a secret said...

4 words that I live by ..


Unfortunately, 3 starts around 2.5. Daniel is 3.5 now and I feel like I deserve combat pay for what I've gone through with him. If only I'd kept the hospital receipt ... just kidding.

You've got another year and a half of this sweetiepie. Wear protective eye and headgear, have a pitcher of martinis in the icebox ready to go.

Dawn said...

OMG, I knew our girls came from the same orphanage at the same time, but now I am certain they are twins! :)

nikki said...

My opinion seems to be in the minority here, but I LOVED age 3...called it the magic age.
So, I say: things are about to get much better.