Thursday, December 06, 2007

In My Head

I've been writing in my head. Really, almost everyday I get a fleeting thought about something that I might like to sit down at the computer and write about. And for oh, I don't know how many days, I didn't. But now I do, here I am. For what's it worth I've been busy.

On Nov. 25 I went to a Pink Evita party and sold 28 hand bags. One month before Christmas. And I promised them to everyone and their mother in less than 2 weeks. So, the shit and lots of colorful material hit the fan and I spent 9 days in cul-de-sac captivity sewing up bags. Then I got the idea (yes, I got it from a friend not while dreamily thinking up new and fabulous design ideas in my uninterrupted sleep) to add little lobster claw beaded charms to all the handbags that have zippers. Super, more work and another idea to draw out the process of finishing the bags and delivering them on time. Oh, but they are uber cute. Pictures to follow when I get off my butt and snap a picture.

You might be thinking that some fairy or commercial cleaning and decorating service came into the house to clean and decorate the joint for the most festivious season of them all while I've been locked away in the sewing room? You'd be wrong. I have dirt left over from Halloween. I found proof upon discovering a skittles wrapper in Ava's room yesterday. Let's be honest, adding Christmas dirt onto Halloween dirt endears us to no one. Present company not excepted. This morning Liv and I had no formal plans and took to digging the place out. I cleaned for 2 hours downstairs alone and it looks presentable...not great mind you only presentable. I'm not sure what possessed me but several puzzles, two cookbooks, and a 14 year old builder grade toilet paper holder bit the dust. I danced a jig while Livi bathed herself in episode after episode of THE GOD-like creature us mortals call ELMO. In case you were wondering...she is his biggest fan. She spits upon Dora, and thumbs her nose non-chalantly at those Backyardagains. ELMO is her homeboy, she needs a tee shirt to prove it.

What would possess a normal average American family to think it a good idea to put away a blender in a remote cabinet before cleaning it? It must have been the Muffin Man. I found it today in the recesses of a kitchen cabinet which has probably been without human touch for over 8 months to a year with mystery brown stains. We can hardly blame this one on the children either, like we normally do with all other embarrassing quirky tidbits. But to my knowledge it is a household rule that anyone under the age of ten living here does not on a regular basis use the blender. Here is the really weird part...the cup part of the blender was squeaky clean...the base was growing some new form of Penicillin. Thank God for small favors like Clorox wipes. One blender down 10,000 feet of baseboards to go. (We all know the reality of the situation includes that fact that I will certainly lose interest in those Clorox wipes, they will once again fall out of favor and I will be writing about adding Easter dirt to Christmas dirt in a few short months.)

Aside from mystery stains and Elmo sightings we are all ultimately fine in the large scheme of universal and quantum wellness. We are of course contemplating setting up a tree. And perhaps a few stockings. It's an idea anyway.

Oh, one more thing to get you completely caught up. I decided to skimp on the family budget and try to take the girls' holiday picture by myself after I got them dressed in cute matching holiday outfits. How hard could it possibly be to get only 1 fabulous photo of a most cooperative almost 6 year old and a tame and docile 2 year old? Costco has holiday greeting cards 50 for $15.99 after all. Snap on.

For the love of God, I needed a glass of wine the other night after trying desperately to manage the 26 hour delay on the overpriced hunk of junk Minolta and my 2 squirming children. I guiltlessly helped myself to an over sized glass of stemless vino rather than plunging my fingernails into each of their eyeballs.

Here is the picture..this is after 60 shots and doctoring it up on photoshop. Mediocre...I'd say. (Not the children, the photo.)

If you know us in real life you will be receiving a hard copy courtesy of Costco's photo department easy template services in a mail box near you on or about Feb. 2nd.

Next update could include why I might quit Chinese school, why I no longer like private Kindergarten or other yet to be named bits of holiday cheer.


Space Mom said...

Oy! I have a headache from reading about the time in your house.

FWIW, I love that photo!

OziMum said...

Holy crap Lady - 28 handbags?!! I hope it was all worth it!!!

Your Christmas photo is gorgeous - probably coz of the two chicks in it?!!

Ditto to the Cleaning Issue - this time of year - we are rarely home. Sleeping is bout all we do there (and shower, which leads me to) HAIR. My hair is falling out by the handful (Summer, here) and if I don't vacumm it up every couple of days the bathroom floor looks like shag pile! Ewww. While you're in your "cleaning mode" feel free to drop by!!!

Beverly said...

Cute picture of the girls. It will make a great card.


Amanda said...

You are back! Yah!!

The picture is lovely, and I am really looking forward to the upcoming posts.

Ranee said...

So I'm walking out of the Super Target in Avon about two weeks ago and I see the most gorgeous bag ever. I immediately think it's one of yours because it's your style, but the colors were bright pink and it had a fuzzy rim around the top. I refrained from snatching the woman by her coat and asking her who she got it from to keep my husband from having a coronary in the parking lot.

You're officially famous. Someone from the net saw someone in a store carrying what had to have been one of your bags. Infamy is just around the corner!!!!

nikki said...

Glad to hear that your handbags are selling like hotcakes! I wish I had such a great excuse for the condition of MY house right now!

I think your Christmas card picture is great...I wasn't extremely thrilled with mine this year either - but I might be a perfectionist...can ya relate?

Love the way you tell your life story - I'll be back for the next installments. said...

Hey, what can I say but... it's good to hear I'm not alone! From the holiday dirt on top of past holiday dirt, right down to the frigin' try-to-get-them-all-to- smile-maybe-by-the-100th-click holiday photo! I'll take this as a warning and buy the bottle of whine (ha!) first. Look, you've saved more eyeballs than you thought!
Heidi in CT