Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Olivia Xi GeGe is now officially two. Technically she has been two since the 12th. I am just now getting around to pulling myself away from the day to day management of home, hearth, and Pink Evita business. (Not necessarily in that order...there is some tending to the home and hearth that is well...in quiet desperation of some windex.)

Nonetheless, my precious wittle "w"one...turned two last week. We began the day with making cupcakes for her Mommy and Me play group which includes our beloved twin friends whom we met in China the same moment we met Liv. Of course there is also her BFF Mei Mei. Each and every time we get in the car Liv shouts "Mei, Mei?" which means do I get to play with Mei Mei? Being the slacker mom that I am we whipped together a few cupcakes and frosted them on the way out the door....so of course the frosting melted into a gooey glaze by the time we got to share them. I considered making up a story about how Olivia's cupcakes were frosted with the newest form of sheer fondant that the cooking.com had to offer but secretly thought no one in their right mind would buy that coming from me. Kudos to the other mom's for tactfully neglecting to mention the mess.

Then I realized I pretty much had NOT ONE OTHER THING planned for the blessed event that marks the auspicious occasion of my dear daughter's birth.

What is a girl to do? Go to Build A Bear. When in doubt...there is always build a bear.

The girls and I headed off to the mall as a special treat for Olivia's birthday with specific promises of one small bear and one small (aka cheap) outfit for said bear. These specific instructions were mostly for Ava's complete understanding and comprehension of the trip to the mall. But perhaps that goes without saying.

Take special note of the size of that bear. It is not small. Apparently Build a Bear knows nothing of the words tasteful and in moderation.

They both got big bears. Is it weird that Ava looks more pleased with the whole birthday trip to the mall than Olivia?

Everybody gets a bath immediately upon being born yes?

Bears born at the mall do. In a sad turn of events the super bear drying machine scared the bejeezus out of Olivia and she had to move quickly into the bear clothes section of the store.

With bears in tow we then chose to eat chicken nuggets at the food court. A birthday feast to befit the occasion.

Back home at the ranch...there were left over cupcakes. Slacker birthday cupcakes, but cupcakes.

It turns out when you set the bar low...everyone is happy with a melted cupcake. That is my tidbit of wisdom for you today.

And that was birthday number 2...Olivia style.

Maybe next year she will get a pony.


Beverly said...

AWWW Happy Birthday (belated).


nikki said...

Happy birthday to your sweet wittle 2 year old!

She spent the day with people she loves...sounds like a great day to me!

And slacker cupcakes are still great in my book!

OziMum said...

Happy 2nd birthday Olivia! I was going to say belated, but your still 2 today, so I guess its not so belated?!!

Sorry the Bear-business freaked you out. Hope the pony works out better next year (nudge-nudge wink-wink)!

jaj said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! Sounds like the perfect way to turn 2!

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday Liv! Your Yangxi mate QiQi has taken well to being two - sure you will as well!!!

kikalee said...

Awww, so sweet. HBD little Liv, sounds like it was a fantabulous day.

Space Mom said...

Happy Birthday little Liv!