Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Genie and The LadyBug

All's well that ends well. Most importantly I, I mean the girls scored large amounts of Almond Joys and Kit Kats.

In a flurry of post 45 minutes until we leave for Halloween party madness Ava whipped herself in to that genie costume, wearing only the headband. She paused only long enough to ask if I would FORCE her to wear her hair up. I replied, "No dear, when have I ever FORCED you to do anything with the exception of that hepatitis shot in 2006?" in my very best Mommy Dearest voice. I quickly followed, "You don't have to wear the head thingy...and don't answer that previous question, it was rhetorical." Again, she rolled her eyes at me. If I only had a dime.

Meanwhile back in the nursery, Olivia was happily tossing halloween costumes around the room like Gatsby in his dressing room. Ava and I chided Olivia into choosing a costume in our awful sugary voices. She chose ladybug over the Panda. (Mental note to self: Panda costume definitely goes into the TO BE SAVED plastic bin in the attic for future grandchild torture.) Or, if you send me an email I will ship it to the next victim free of charge.

Then we paused in all our grandness for the annual Halloween photoshoot.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Ava went to trick or treat at our friend's house while her father walked the kids around the neighborhood. Livi stayed glued to my hip somewhat overwhelmed and overstimulated by all that is Halloween nowadays. I ate 2 bowls chilli, Livi ate pizza and sugar coated marshmellows by Cadbury. Did you get any this year? They did not disappoint. Livi stole 3 on the way out.

We hope your Halloween was filled with peace and joy in this of all seasons. (I'm gearing up for December, what can I say?)


Beverly said...

You got a smile on the baby. Beautiful girls.


Diana said...

Oh, our Ava was the very same ladybug as your Livi. You should take a look :) Adorable girls!

OziMum said...

hehehe! You stuck to your prudeness and made (suggeseted?!!) Ava where the white tee under her Genie get-up!!!

Poor Panda. I liked Panda. Panda is so cute and cuddly!

Good thing, Liv could make a garbage bag look great!!! Cute little lady!

Ashley said...

First time poster.

Your girls are as cute as can be. Your little one has changed so much since a year ago when I had the pleasure of briefly meeting you in the White Swan as you ate breakfast with Stephanie.

Sounds and looks like things are are going well in your neck of the woods. Take care.

my3 kids said...

What a couple of cuties. Love the costumes. Our Yangxi girl was a pumpking/princess for was such a cold night for us..

Kristin said...

Peace and Joy this Halloween Season?

Ummm... my kids were spinning around in a candy induced high not unlike tweakers on crack... ;-)