Sunday, December 30, 2007

Diggin' Out

Am I the only one who simply cannot wait to take down the tree and subsequent trimmings on or about December 26? As I write this I think it sounds ummm...rather scroogy but I can't help it. We are having dear friends over for New Year's eve and I do understand that some people like to remain festive up to an including January 1. Weaklings, I say. Weaklings without minor OCD and clutter issues.

When I asked for a little muscle help to put the tree away for the love of God so I would not need mental health pharmaceuticals to help me deal with the Christmas carnage around here the Muffin man gently suggested we leave the decorations up for the little party. Oh, you know me better than that, "It all has to" "You have issues, he states." "Yes, I know." I reply. "Now put down that newspaper and get happy wrapping that tree up." He simply shook his head this year and did not even batten down the hatches for a good argument. Smart man.
So, I've been digging out for the last 48 hours...popcorn tins have hit the recycle bin. Stray pez dispensers have been neatly stored in the candy basket on top of the refrigerator. The myriad of Christmas crafts and paper cards have been tossed. I had to wait until Ava was distracted for that one. And finally as my piece de' resistance the left over Christmas night cabernet sauce for filet mignon has been flushed down the sink. Bye-bye bits of yummy wine and butter heaven. Oh yes I forgot, table linens are dancing in various stages of unrest around the Maytag in the laundry room.

And yet...I am nowhere near back to normal. The toy mongers are following me around the house barfing Pet Shop pieces and Webkinz. Baby doll bottles appear wherever I step with a bare foot. New stuffed animals appear on door knobs hung by their necks with colorful silk scarves. This is the stuff of true life Blair Witch Projects.

Would you believe that this was a scaled down Christmas? Each child received a few toys from us...we put nothing on credit and instead focused on craft projects and time spent together. Oh yes, and some pretty damn fabulous meals. But alas, the childrens' stuff is still running the household and windows and doors are bulging. We may have to crack a window to release pressure before March.

Signing off for now. I'm headed downstairs to eat the last of the cookies so the Santa tinplate can be stored away for another 11 months.


Chinazhoumom said...

I am like you - I just finished dusting the last of the Christmas dust bunnies all up - and out the door they go - alas - mu garage is now full of bags of toys to be donated-ebayed - etc -that madam has out grown...Happy New Year!

AmericanFamily said...

Our tree was down by 8:00pm on the 25th. I was so glad to be done with it and have the house back to normal. Unfortunately, the tsunami of toys the girls received have not yet found a home, but the plan is to get that resolved by tonight.

B-squared said...

well, um, I hope my tree et al it put away by the time you show up for a playdate in a couple of week. :-) i'm a leave-it-up-til-the-12-days-of-Christmas-are-over kind of girl. although i have already been to target to buy some new storage containers for the zillion new toys around here....

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one!!! AND, to top it off, I think Santa's bag exploded in our living room and he was too lazy to take the other kid's toys with him so he just left them here.

Gretchen in PA