Thursday, April 12, 2007

About the Weather

Conversations with a 17 month old:

Mom: The weather here stinks. Let's play bathing suit dress up to cheer ourselves up.

Olivia: It's snowing. It's April. It's 65 degrees in the house. And you want to puppet me up in my sister's old bathing suits for your own entertainment?

Mom: Yes, dear I do.

Olivia: (See photo for "You are an idiot." face)

Olivia: Now I'm thinking that we should put this suit to good use. Take me somewhere warm.

Mom: Like where?

Olivia: I'm 1. I haven't completed my geography lessons yet. Let me think. How about the remote area of Captiva Island, Florida? I could use a white sandy beach.

Mom: Done. It's yours.

Olivia: Really, all I had to do was ask?

Mom: Oh, yes dear it is my life's wish to spoil you and your darling sister so much that no adult can possibly stand you by the time you are 10 years old.

Olivia: I can live with that.

Olivia: Seriously, when do we leave?

Mom: May 12th.

Olivia: Will that be enough time for me to find sunglasses to match this suit?

Mom: If not let me know. I aim to please.


Beverly said...

I love to read your words to the facial expressions. They match so well. Your girls are adorable.

Beverly & Glenys

Space Mom said...

Goodness she is cute!

Kristin said...

Nothing I love more than a photo essay with the cuteness that is Olivia.... let us know if you find those sunglasses!

Elaine said...

Geez. Your 17 month old is so articulate. Mine's vocab is basically limited to 'cracker' and a high pitched screech which means anything from "I want that NOW" to "don't you dare think of putting me down".
But I'm thinking she'd like a white sandy beach too....

Anonymous said...

Can I come with? Pretty please...
Take care, Lin

:: Suzanne :: said...

What a darling post.