Monday, April 30, 2007

23 Pounds of Storm

She is going to seriously injure herself if I don't string her up by her toenails first. She is a one woman whirlwind of terror, and I'm not sure how this happened overnight. Look at the previous posts, other than leaping from shopping carts she was really quite a placid baby.

Placid baby has morphed into dervish toddler hellbent on destruction. It is like watching the old Wonder Twins cartoons, where the kids would spin and then things would happen. Livi now gets get a look in her eye, spins around and then starts a tornado of destruction . She does not discriminate she does not spare a moment to is all about a climb to abomination all the time.

I offer this photo as proof she considers all ottomans and hassacks as tools to assist in an apocolypse.

Here she has decided she shouldn't have to wait another 30 minutes for the chicken in the oven or another 20 seconds for a glass of wine.
Let's see how many glasses she can break in one week...right now the record is three. No blood, amazing.

Caught in the act. But not deterred.

Knives, she loves knives. Usually there is a knife or two in the kitchen sink. Excellent.

Climbing up to the counter to help herself to the car keys.

Oh, take your chances on that one little girl. When daddy can't find those keys, play time is officially over.

She laughs hysterically when you come home from Target...ahhh little white and red plastic bags to play with. If scissors are anywhere below 42" anywhere in the house she can smell it.

The sewing room is a playground of death and destruction as pink ribbons are flying and mixed with pins and needles sticking from the carpet. The dryer is akin to a Disney ride in Fantasy Land. Bookcases are stepladders thank you very much. Stairs can be scaled in under 20 seconds flat and the kitchen table? Tap dancing anyone? The remote control for Daddy's ridiculously expensive and hard to operate television, she'd love to tell you what happens when you lick it too much. But that is not funny....yet.

This is what you get 6 months after bringing home the cutest, most laid back baby in the world. You attend to her needs, you verbally assure her of family love, you feed her until she gains six pounds in six months you get up with her in the middle of the night. She repays you by becoming....The toddlinator.


Traci said...

Jaden and Liv must surely be TWIN SISTERS!! I can't keep up with mine either. May I suggest knives be placed immediately behind the kitchen sink, along the back wall. So far, she hasn't reached one that's back there.

Try having a pool in your backyard with a little girl intent on getting, "Oooooowwwww!" (Out!)
The hair on my head is going from grey to falling out.

Peace be with you, Sister. We're in this together.


Ani said...

I hear you! But, I'm so happy I'm not the only one with a whirling dervish of a kid.

Hang in there - this, too, shall pass (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

But at least she's cute (she knows she can get away with a lot with those looks). Look at that smile when you catch her in the act.
Take care, Lin

Kristin said...

Why does this make me love Liv more?

I wanted to comment on your last post... I am so glad you said what you did... "winning the adoption lottery" is a perfect description and none of us can say what we would do in the same situation... well said, Perrin.