Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tales From The Stage

Ava is my natural performer.  She sings like a lark, doesn't seem to feel self conscious in front of people, and has been practicing all summer on and off for her audition for the school play this fall.  Try explaining the irony and possible inappropriateness of a Chinese born adoptee singing Maybe from the Annie Musical as an audition piece for a grade school musical to a nine year old.  The sad thing is she can rock that tune, jury is out as to whether she'll be singing that one at the September tryouts.
Liv has no interest at all in becoming Sandra Bernhardt.  She would probably rather have her toenails pulled out than sing a solo in front of an audience. She would also try nothing new, eat nothing new, or experience nothing outside of her small comfort zone if I didn't gently push her baby bird butt out of the nest once in a while.  

 So, when the opportunity came about last week to participate in a small singing and dancing camp I brow beat strongly suggested Liv participate along with Ava.  In her world, since she had to be part of a small group of younger siblings who were dressed as couch potatoes, this only added insult to injury.  For the record, all the other 5 year olds thought my couch potato costumes were awesome.  Liv rolled her eyes at me like I was suggesting she drink ginger ale at a fraternity party to make it look like she might be drinking a gin and tonic.   

This is quite frankly as close as she got to a smile on stage.  But, I give the kid credit, she did it.  After the show she told me she was wishing her group would have gotten to take part in two songs rather than one.   Perhaps it wasn't communist style prison torture after all?   

I decided not to share the comments with her I overheard from another family in the audience who loudly  pointed Liv out while saying that she was so cute, but why did she look so serious?  I was standing next to the mother who made the comment.  She obviously thought one of the blond haired blue eyed smiling children belonged to me? 

Oh the theater, it's full of drama. 

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