Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Break...We're Back

Ahh, a delightful week filled with grandparents huffing and puffing after two little demons wrecking havoc on their usually spotless house. And all the while I simply turned a blind eye and skipped out the front door to watch movies at a real movie theater and sip $4.00 a cup Chinese tea with my brother.

Lovely I tell you. Lovely. But, we are back...we missed the Muffin Man who had to work for a living and chase raccoons out of our backyard while writing no less than 4 checks to the wildlife control people for permanent and irrevocable removal but without euthanasia for the capture of three raccoons and one opossum! He intelligently made the decision to cut the wildlife guy off with his wire traps and sugar donuts for bait when we suspected we were catching each and every wildlife critter in the neighborhood. Would it be unseemly to ask for donations in a tin can at the next neighborhood association meeting? Don't think me above it. So, we are out a few hundred bucks and the long time varmint residents have been evicted. What will the birds do as they actually have a chance to eat the suet block and cardinal grub rather than just watching as the raccoons scarf it greedily down? Maybe if this blog gets boring, too late? I will start posting spring pictures of backyard robins, cardinals, and blue that could be really exciting.

What else was new while my girls visited more than one park a day with grandma and grandpa? I joined a doll quilt swap and sewed my little heart out capitalizing on my mother's summer dining room table, using it to spread out for the sake of creativity! The story of the doll quilts is over here. Go ahead read is filled with plot, angst, jubilation and a twist of unexpected events involving the color pink.

Since we are back and Costco made my buy the 10 lb. bag rather than the 2lbs. that we really needed...we are celebrating with apple pie! Yes, with swimsuit season right around the corner I need an apple pie on my hips like I need blue doll quilt...or wait...I really do need a blue doll quilt.

In other news I've been tagged for Jill's meme. Now, to come up with some quirky things about myself. Note to self...should I consider mentioning publicly my other career as exotic pole dancing queen to make money for my kids 529's?

Maybe not.

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