Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Quirky Tag

I got tagged the other day and because basically I usually do as I'm told....here it is .

1. Link to the person who tagged you: Jill
2. Post the rules: see # 3
3. Share six unimportant habits/quirks about yourself: see below
4. I think I am supposed to tag others...but since I don't do everything I'm told(ha, you believed that crap about doing as I'm told)...please play along if you feel so inclined.

1. I love olives. I eat them almost everyday. My girls love them as well. People think it is strange that a 6 year old and a 2 year old would love olives. I don't. I think it is weird when people don't love them. The first time I went to Spain couldn't believe how lucky I was when all the restaurants served free olives with every meal! I was young and didn't really comprehend the magic of tapas. Do you know what goes with olives really well? Chick peas. I love them too and can eat them out of a can. Is that gross?

2. I don't get out much anymore. Liv loves home and routine and sometimes gets wiggy when we do too much. I'm very social by nature...and have been my whole life. But even though I joke about not showering and leaving the cul-de-sac very often...I'm secretly enjoying this part of my life where I'm somewhat anti-social. I hardly ever worry about what I'm missing out there in the big wide world like I used to. Shower optional is a good thing.

3. When I was little I bit my nails. Gross. Now that I am older I don't bite my nails anymore but I can't seem to stop ripping the holy living crap out of my cuticles. I think it is true what they say about leaving one bad habit but then picking up another bad habit to replace it.

4. I love my daughter's armpits. They are the cutest thing I've ever seen. They are so wrinkly and adorable. She is 6 and I still ask to see them sometimes before she goes to bed. She will give me the equivalent of a quick arm pit flash and then deny me, laughing hysterically. This game makes me laugh every time. I never tire of it.

5. I have clutter issues. I hate clutter. I'm the opposite of those people who are on HGTV or Oprah who need interventions because they hoard so much stuff. I get the willies just watching those shows. But the weird thing is I will let dust pile up and the carpets usually need vaccuming. I compulsively organize and toss junk away but don't deep clean very often for someone who claims to be so bothered by unorganized crap. So, I'm not that much of a neat nick. I'm a fake neat nick. Who has very few preschool art projects saved.

6. Some days I am living for the moment that I will have both of my children in school and I will have time for myself on a regular basis. But then I'm also terrified that I won't find something else that is satisfying and productive that will make me happy. It's an odd feeling to be waiting eagerly for something and sensing a dreaded aspect of it all the same.

What's weird about you?

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Wendy said...

I love olives too! Camille also does, but hubby does not. I think that is just plain weird.

I am also a compulsive organizer. I want to be a professional organizer when I grow up.