Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Emerald 830

Oh boy, I can't believe I just did it. I got in the car drove to the Husquavarna dealership toting my two year old (to be sure I couldn't concentrate or make a rational decision) and bought a new sewing machine. I barely did any research, I asked only minimal questions...I just whipped out my card and bought the thing. Mother of God, what am I doing? I might rip off the mattress tag next people.

Why would I do such a thing?

My old beloved machine...also a Viking Husquavarna that my mother purchased in 1978 and passed on down to me...thanks mom...up and croaked yesterday. Or was it a thunk? It was a cross between a croak and a thunk and now the stitch length and reverse button twirl. This is a bad thing. It is supposed to dial slowly but now it twirls quickly and falls out. Yes, falls out of the hole and onto the floor. This twirl is I am guessing about another $400 twirly fix. Oh dear. So it was either put some cash into a new sparkly machine or put money into my beloved but dying old machine.

I decided on the former.

And you want to know what sealed the deal for me? While I was there oogling the new Emerald 830 another nice lady came up and was interested in a $6000 embroidery machine. I just about had a kitten on the sales floor. Oh, I tried to be cool and all but this lady was seriously interested in a designer $6000 machine. (She was very nice by the way and has a daughter from Korea, I learned.) The lady and the sales lady started talking a language of hoops, and embroidery thread and downloadable patterns from the internet that I did not even understand. Seriously, at one point they must have spoken for 5 minutes and I understood about 6 words...It reminded me of waiting to sign up for next semester at Chinese school, I usually only understand about 1 word in 6 in that line each semester.

So there I was feeding Liv the 8th snack in an hour to bribe her to not whine when the lady was playing with the $6000 embroidery machine and there I was contemplating my little lower end machine (albeit sort of expensive relatively for me) and I just said, "I'm doing it." Bam.

And I did. And now I am the proud owner of a Husquavarna Emerald 830. It's in the box. I'm terrified to open it. Seriously, terrified. And excited. It is so smooth, that is if I can open the box and get it up and running.

I may not sew on it I may just open it up and stare at is so pretty. Kidding, I'm going to go learn how to use the thing and then create something amazing. Wish me luck.


Elaine said...

Totally jealous am I.

Ellen said...

Hi Perrin...long time lurker coming out to say "Hurray for you!" Being a serious quilter/seamstress I own two Berninas (one is a great embroidery machine that I adore) and a Janome and there is nothing like sewing on a really good machine. Besides, with your business, you can totally justify it! Formula 1 drivers don't drive Kias! Enjoy every stitch on your new machine!

Traci said...

Yea for you! Enjoy your new BMW!


missy said...

I just happened upon your blog and love it! Good for you to buy a new sewing machine. By the looks of your blog, you will put it to great use. Your girls are just beautiful!!!

Kristin said...

Have you been busy sewing up a storm??

Shelba said...

Congratulations on your new machine! I hope you've taken it out of the box and that you've taken it for a spin by now!