Monday, March 17, 2008

Balancing A News Roundup

What a hodge podge of a few weeks we've had. The Muffin Man has been traveling, in and out he has been. I've been loving my new Emerald 830 and also hating it and then loving it takes a while to really develop a true and deep female relationship with one's sewing machine so I haven't been freaking out about the small stuff. Although it is making me seriously want big time sewing lessons, but since most places frown on two year olds with mouths full of lollipops ripping stock down off of tables, that pretty much leaves me out of luck with lessons right now. All the while I've been spending every waking moment filling handbag and accessory orders. Which has left me with this conclusion....

balance is good. Or well, it would be good.

So, in the eternal search for balance that is my that reaches for balance like my 2 year old reaches for strawberry fruit leather, I have joined my local parks and recreation gym. Want to know the best part about said gym? The room called kid zone. Yes, that is the one that lets you deposit toddlers amongst 100 toys and climbing apparatus only to return 1 hour later...tired from exercising a maximus gluttious and then catching a shower! ALONE, or well sort of alone since during the time of day I would be interested in exercising also includes a room full of lactating mothers and senior citizens. Now, those are the folks I like to hang out next to at the gym. Chubby hubbies and wrinkly people. I know that makes me seem shallow but darn it if I don't absolutely hate to exercise amongst girls who look like the chick on the cover of this month's Shape magazine. Yeah, see that itty bitty yellow bikini? I didn't need to see that either. It is not good for my fragile self esteem. So, starting this week...Livi will learn a wee bit more about independence as she navigates kid zone and I will learn a little more about how much it hurts to stretch a muscle covered in a healthy layer of cellulite for the first time in too many years to count.

Oh, one more note on mind, body, spirit wellness. I'm completely and officially obsessed with Tai Chi now at Chinese school on Sundays. It has been my personal mission to learn this in it's entirety this past 2 weeks. It's been a kick in the pants but I love it. It makes my forearms hurt, I have no idea why...and there are no wrinkly or lactating people for me to hang with. Only very svelte little Asian people who seriously look amazing and well balanced as they practice. One can only dream.

In other news about balance, Ava Jing has mastered a 2 wheel bicycle. Well, if you consider going forwards and not turning a mastering of craft. She is riding a 2 wheeler without adult help. Let's leave it at that. Way to go baby girl.

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