Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not So Much With The Preschool

Olivia attempted preschool this week. Technically, I suppose you could call it Mom's Day Out (MDO) since she is still shy of two years old. And how much schooling is there really in a 4 hour time frame once a week for a 22 month old? I like to think of it as Mommy's little sanity time, they should probably be up front and just call it that.

If hamsters had MDO perhaps they wouldn't eat their young. This is why every Mommy I know, or at least the sane ones who will admit to needing a short break now and then clamor to the good churchly types eagerly signing their little darlings up for MDO asking of one morning a week is all they have. I've known some who don't go to suck down 13 vicodins and slowly stroke their hair in front of their master bathroom mirrors saying "pretty" over and over and over. Seriously, I don't want to hear from you in the comment section if your child did not attend any school at all until late the late preschool or kindergarten.

Liv went in just fine and even smiled a bit for the teacher. Great I thought, this is easier than Ava's first preschool experience. I skipped out of the building while turning my cell phone on and sticking it in my pocket. Then I thoroughly enjoyed 3 hours and 45 minutes of no whining, no sticky hands, and no cute little smiles from a little girl who insists on stomping around in her sister's shoes while depositing them in strange places throughout the house leaving me to utter every bad word in the book looking for that damned elusive shoe when we need it.

I arrive at pick up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Then I hear Liv from down the hall. It is not a happy sound. Apparently she cried on and off the entire time. She enjoyed sticker time and outside play but that was about it. She calmed down the minute she took her place on my hip. Then she waved bye-bye to all the MDO kids. We plopped down in the car and she sorrowfully sniffed her way home while signing ALL DONE. Oh gees, Mommy guilt. Mommy guilt as the ice pick is stabbed into my heart.

But then one first time MDO does not a preschool career make. We will try again next week. Sniff Sniff.


Anonymous said...

She may be "all done" (in her mind anyway), but she sure was cute giving it her best shot! I love the hair, the outfit and the made-with-love-by-mom bag!!


Kristin said...

I think I love the giant tote bag the most... Eva's like that...totes the world around in a purse.

Maybe next week they could just let the poor child have extra sticker time?!

OziMum said...

She looks all keen to go in the pic!!! Maybe she didn't get, that you weren't staying?!! Love the "All Done"!!!

Beverly said...

With consistency it will get better, as you know. Dadgum that little girly is so adorable.


Terri said...

Oh, I am dreading that day that is why I probably have not done it yet. Annalei is the same way, she is more content if she is on mommy's hip especially out in public.

She does look absolutely adorable and looked like she was ready for her big day. Keep us posted and let us know how she does next week!!!

Anonymous said...

Her outfit was so cute and the ponytails with clips, so adorable. I guess recess was my favorite part of the day too (no sticker time when I was a kid). She'll warm up to it and before you know it you will be spending your life savings to put her through grad/law/med school.

Take care, Lin

Traci said...

She's adorable!


Stephanie V said...

...wouldn't eat their young! Haaaaaa! Man I needed that.