Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No, they are real dinosaurs

What is up with everyone and their mother needing to know if my little ladies are REAL freaking sisters? Yes, I know this has been thought and over thought and published and over published by adoptive parents and psychologists alike. But I am officially over it. Maybe I am hormonal but seriously everywhere we go someone needs to comment about their biological makeup. I don't see anyone making comments when a red headed child strolls up to the counter while is brunette sister rips down the bubble gum display.

My new response will not be polite and with a sweet smile. No more large bulging eyes silently begging the cashier not to say anything else when I simply say, "Yes, they are real sisters." for the third time while she ever so slowly rings my diaper wipes.

Today it wasn't just are they REAL sisters it had to be expounded upon to include how lucky I was to actually get children with the same biological parents since she had heard that was not possible in Korea. Huh? (She thought they were REAL sisters when I quietly told her Yes, they were real sisters.) Obviously she wins the award today for being the most brightly colored jelly bean in the jar. Paste a blue ribbon on her forehead.

Ava just rolls her eyes now. It's becoming classic.

Here is our new story. They are not real sisters, they are in fact real dinosaurs though, resurrected from a most holy and freezing cold tomb in the North of China. They were thawed in a superior cryogenic process and given cute little matching Asian looking faces. But underneath their DNA matches and they are truly little triceratops. Alert the media. Call Oprah. And let's be done with it.


Traci said...

At Bob Evans the other day we had a couple say, "Your daughter is beautiful." I said thank you as I looked at Valerie (even though I knew they were speaking about Jade.) Jade gets a lot of attention while the older two are often forgotten. The reality sucks.

The gentleman then said, "No, the little one." OMG, you really said that? I responded with, "Yea, we think they are all adorable too." Finally he dug further, "Which hospital was she born in?"

WHAT?! Are you serious? It was painfully obvious that the guy didn't know how to ask if she was adopted or not. I looked at Scott and then said, "She was born in China."

You should have seen the guys face as he put on an over-the-top surprised face. "OH, SHE WAS!!?? I didn't realize!" It was so very stupid. The first REALLY STUPID encounter we've had.

Please say hello to your resurrected triceratops for us. I can just imagine Ava's eye roll. It must be hysterical.

Love, Traci

Space Mom said...

Duh, of course they are sisters. WTF?

Have you tried looking all confused and asking the dumba$$ what they mean by "real"? and then when they stumble by saying biological, you can tell them where to stick their ignorance?

Sorry, i would have no patience....

Lee-Anne said...

he he he! I shouldn't be laughing, I know you don't but your last paragraph was a classic!

Maybe you should just get teeshirts made... yes, she's my real sister. Or variation - yes, she's my real mother!

As if it's anyone else's business the dna of your children?

nikki said...

Yeah, I don't think we are doing anyone any favors be answering ignorant (and rude) questions politely.

Real dinosaurs...I like it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder what makes people think that they're curiosity is more important than your privacy? The comments I get are along the same lines but a bit difference since we have one bio and one adopted...people ASSURE me that they're not REAL siblings... yeah, whatever!lol


tshapedgirl said...

Aye- nosy people really piss me off some days.

I was in a shoe store a few days ago, and as the sales person was ringing me up she lookied at LT and asked me "is her father Japanese?"

I smiled and said, "no, actually he's Chinese."

She replied, "Oh that makes a beautiful mix."


I know that Ava rolls her eyes when she hears this, but do you think she is bothered by it?

averysmama said...

I had the pharmacist ask me if our daughter was Latino. I told her no, our daughter is Chinese. She proceeds to tell me how lucky we are that our daughter is cute because most Chinese children are not attractive. My eyes about popped out of my head and I stood there speechless, thinking “Did she really just say that?” I mean, really, WTF?

RedCookie95 said...

We are dreading that (and endless other stupid questions/comments) freaking REAL comment. My husband is half Irish and half Jewish, although his looks are more Irish, beautiful blue eyes, light skin, and in the summer, his hair gets red highlights. I am Hispanic, and pretty much the opposite. Yet NO ONE has ever asked me if he is my REAL husband! We also have a bio son, who favors my heritage. First jack ass who asks if they are real siblings is going to regret asking. Among the comebacks I have in mind are: “Are you really stupid?” Or if they have a companion, turn to that person and ask, “Is she/he a real idiot?” And if asked if she is really mine, well, again, not going to do the polite thing. I know it sounds harsh, but I’ve had it already (Will you love S the same as J? There has to be a difference when they are not your own; You are almost expecting a baby, and I though I was expecting an adult woman on Gotcha day!) with stupid, nosy and inconsiderate fools. I do love the dinosaur answer :)

Sorry about the idiot who made the comment about Chinese children’s attractiveness. I have yet to see an unattractive Chinese child and love the fact that her skin color, eyes/hair color will so beautifully compliment J’s.

Donna said...

I have a Caucasian friend whose husband is 1/2 Chinese. Their first born son looks somewhat Asian but the second is blond and doesn't look Asian at all. She has actually had people ask if the boys have different fathers. Idiots! When I get bothered by the sisters question, I remember her experience and realize that it could be worse. I always answer affirmatively and move on. I like your dinosaurs explanation.

jaj said...

I love the dinasaur explanation, and I love Ava's response with the eye-rolling.