Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Crafty Break

Yesterday it sort of hit me...damn I'd better make sure sheets are washed, floors are scrubbed, dusting complete, library books are returned, vaccuming is done, kids toys put away, grocery shopping to stock the pantry shelves.
Because next week, I won't be able to do those things. I'll be spening time popping percosets like they are M & M's and entertaining myself by watching gooey bodily fluids drip out of long tube drains sewn into my sides.
So, I decided to make a Valentine's wreath craft with the kids instead. Denial, a river runs through it. Want to see what we made?

Tissue paper hearts! Very therapeutic for the mind that keeps wandering to thoughts of surgery. I found this idea on the internet and decided to try it with the girls. If your kids can squish lots of tissue paper squares and use elmer's glue (or hot glue if you are making one) this one could work for you.
Here's what you will need. A card stock heart, lots of tissue paper cut into 5" squares and a piece of ribbon for the loop hanger.

Simply start at the edge of the heart and squish your paper squares into little flower'ettes, dab a dot of glue and repeat. Over and over until you have rows and rows of tissue paper flower'ettes covering the entire surface.

Ok, Ava got a little distracted with origami. She is really getting good at it. Last night she left me a silver swan. Love that kid.

Keep working all the way around the heart. Then glue a ribbon to the top on the back and hang your adorable creation.

There is dust everywhere and the floors aren't mopped, but we have tissue paper Valentine's Day heart wreaths.
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Sara's Soaps 'n Such said...

Perrin, I love reading your blog! I'm sorry to hear that "the girls" are not cooperating with many more years of uplifted perkiness, but I hope your surgery goes well and your pain is minimal. Take care of you, and we'll be praying for your successful surgery and quick recovery.

Stacia said...

So sweet!