Thursday, January 28, 2010

New In The Studio

Dog Collars. A couple of months ago I was asked to make some dog collars and leashes for Ceramic Dreams, the delightful shop at 54th and Monon Shops, for you local Indianapolis folks. Tanya, the owner of the shop mentioned they might sell well since the shop is located so close to the amazing Monon walking trail here in the city. The Monon Trail can always be found buzzing with walkers, bikers and dog lovers out for a stroll. Now, I have a special spot in my Puggle Mama heart for Chloe, but it never occurred to me what fun it would be to make her fun collars.

Now that I have ordered the hardware to make sure the collars are durable as well as too darn cute for Valentine's Day. I'm hooked. And, Chloe is hooked up! Maybe Chloe will have a new one for each season. She will have to share her February heart themed collar with a Chinese New Year one and in March, she might become wholly Irish.

Because there was just a little bit of fabric left over from the collars, the rest quickly turned into delightful little Valentine's key fobs. Way less calories than that box of chocolate you were thinking about purchasing. Can you tell I've been hitting the gym recently again?

Here is my Puggle model. She takes the job very seriously. There was a milk bone in it for her after all.

And, no I have no idea what that schmegma that is smeared on her little name and phone number tag. Probably something she got into raiding the bathroom waste can. Not cool, Chlo.

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