Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello- Is Anybody Out There?

Bless me blogosphere it has been ahem, a while, since my last post. Did you think I left blog land? Even I thought I might have left blogland. Yea, yea everyone's busy. So that excuse it probably mute.

It's been so long that I almost had myself convinced that Ava is too old to blog about (and I need to save the cash for college not therapy sessions) and Livi is too even tempered and cool to embellish any wonderful and gray hair inducing antics and splay them all over the internet. The Muffin Man, yea, well he found out about the blog and got into the habit of reading. You know as well as I do that we can't have can I jovially make fun of the geezer if he reads regularly? Did I mention that he gave up and fell asleep during the bestest Colts game ever on Sunday night and missed the huge win? All after I told him NOT to give up and go to bed, because surely they would come back and win. (This is just a test to see if he is out of the habit of reading) But it was a true story, in case you were wondering for posterity's sake.

Here is what it comes down to...I love splaying our often and somewhat disfunctionalism's. It is often my therapy to write about them, those beings that for whatever reason seem to consistenly circle around my kitchen while wearing mismatched socks, chocolate milk mustaches, and crooked self trimmed bangs.

I'm nearing the end of my WAHM crazy holiday season when I drag myself around town in a 10 year old truck selling handbags and accessories at local art fairs, want to buy a watch? This will surely lead to more bloggy time as I step carefully and slowly away from the sewing room. You know with 17 people coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas to prepare for...I'll have lots of free time.

To tide you over until my next post, I'm promising something in the order of witty banter by 2011, here are a few photos of my ladies. Skipping through life over the last few mismatched socks and hand-me-down high heels.

Aren't they cute?

Oh by the way, we went to California for 5 days, Livi turned 4, Ava was cast in the school play, Liv is now on the 2020 Olympic gymnastics team, the Muffin Man rolled back into his company's parent organization, and I am turning gray and had a good color job. Now you are officially all caught up.


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Lisa and Tate said...

Fun to get an update! Your girls are adorable!

Traci said...

Good to have you back. Missed seeing our favorite Hoosiers.

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