Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Girls Make Pizza

Friday night we decided to make pizza. Ava seems to be in this strange anti red sauce phase of life right now. I swear the kid would eat anchovies dipped in pickle juice she's that much of a non-picky eater. But for whatever reason she's currently abstaining from spaghetti, pizza sauce, salsa and all other forms of Friday night food groups around here.

The solution...white pizza. I did a quick search for easy white pizza on food and found some great stuff...that I did not have in the pantry. I am not a planner when it comes to meals. I'm more of your meatloaf, clean out the fridge kind of cook.

So when I had to scrap the recipe idea things actually started to look up. The girls were happy to wing it with me and we crushed a bunch of garlic into light sour cream, added fresh oregano and basil. Adding a pinch of pepper made the sauce smell rather yummy. Livi and I started to pull cans of mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and spinach from the shelves.

Oh, and the cheese. We love our cheese. Before you knew it we had a mound of yummy pizza ready to be popped into the oven.

Check out the video where Liv eats an artichoke while placing it on the pizza. This is classic Liv, proclamations of yuck, uh it's horrible...while she goes for another bite.

The girls are finally getting old enough to have a little fun with them in the kitchen. Maybe we will try quesadillas next week.

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