Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cul-De-Sac Summer Day 2

Is it just me or is that transition from school year delicious'ness called SCHEDULE into summertime ridiculous'ness eat what you want, sleep when you want, yell at your mom when your want just a little bit like driving toothpicks under your toenails? Maybe I'm just the type of gal who doesn't transition well. I remember being a manager at work several years ago in a new job and feeling way out of sorts when I didn't know with whom I would eat my lunch. I had to smack myself around a bit saying I was making way too much money and supervising way too many people to be worried about lunch, but I was. A few weeks later I'd inevitably adjust to whatever the situation was and wind up fine and dandy. I guess I'm your average hate the new "job" for a week or so and then settle down and relish each moment type of gal.

Last week was my official 1st week on the job as "At home Mom, to two." I was at the beach thinking Oh, this year will be easier...the girls are older...I'm used to transitioning to having 2 at home...and gee whizzz aren't they being rather well behaved?" Hmmph, I guess the fact that they weren't THAT much work had something to do with the Muffin Man and my father helping out quite a bit. Perhaps the good behavior had something to do with WE WERE IN PARADISE and all they had to do was choose between swimming in the gulf of Mexico or the fabulous resort pool. Oh yeah, ice cream at 3pm might have helped mood balance too.

Now reality has set in. Ava pitched a big bitch this morning when I wouldn't let her have sirloin soup for breakfast. Why we would even have sirloin soup in the pantry is a mystery to me. All this makes me think I need to take the Muffin Man's grocery card away, but that's another drama for another day. Liv insists on riding her two wheeler in the cul-de-sac about 18 hours a day in circus bear circles and can't understand why she keeps falling off and skinning her knee after the 10,000th lap. She looks at me like I'm ET when I try to tell her to do 5,000 to the left and 5,000 to the right. Presto, no skinned knee caused by vertigo.

I took them both grocery shopping with me this afternoon. You know where this is going right? Mayhem ensued and I threatened them loudly as they pulled organic crackers down off aisle 9. I rounded a corner and saw a mother with no less than 4 children, calmly walking beside her as she put toothpaste into the cart. These calm mothers need to give up the secret.

I'm just telling myself I simply need two weeks to get into the groove of the "new job". I'll be basking happily at the pool in no time right? I'll figure out a way to get Ava to practice her times tables and she will go to 2nd grade knowing what 3 times 4 equals. She loves her advanced math class, but we've hit the wall practicing times tables, period end of story. Livi will undoubtedly master the cartwheel this summer pulling herself off the bike and finding another way to contort her little body into rapid concentric circles. All will align for us in the universe. We will get our groove on, won't we?

UPDATED THIS MORNING: I decided to take the girls to the free park concert last night. I got the fried chicken and Polly Pockets packed in the cooler. We even had healthy carrots, or did we? I arrived at the concert in the next town and realized I'd left the packed cooler in the garage. I forgot to put the damned thing in the car. Oy. Looking forward to day 3 and 4 and 5 and 67. Day 67 is when school starts in case you're counting.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

I'm laughing out loud and terrified because my summer starts on Friday...I wish we lived we by you!

Traci said...

1. Math facts = www.flashmaster.com
A little pricey but so VERY, VERY worth it!

2. Routine helps = put a "chore chart" that has to be done before anything else in the day is done. i.e., make bed, windex patio door, brush teeth, heck put mop floor if they'll do it. The point is give them something structured that must be checked off. VERY CRITICAL part of keeping my sanity. Remember, the checklist isn't so much about getting the housework done as it is a tool to get them into a routine and structure.

3. For the first time ever I gave in to the crap cereal that they always beg for. We now have fruit loops & cocoa puffs in the cupboard. They are not allowed to have this during the school year and I finally caved for summer breakfasts. I'm probably wrong but I did it. They have to eat a piece of fruit with it.

4. Oh one more thing about math facts. I consider myself a personal expert about this having just taught two their facts. Start with 2, then progress to 5, 10, 3, 9, 4, 6, 7; 8. Once she understands the concept then tell her it's all about memorization. Start with double facts 5 x 5, etc. and progress slowly. Use a white board to write each days three problems on. It will help remind you and her to go over them many times throughout the day. Take the whole summer to go through them all and practice EVERY SINGLE DAY!! It's no different than memorizing a phone number, etc.

The flashmaster is amazing!!!!

Okay, enough advice from this Mom.

Good Luck! For the record I just screamed at my JuJu. I stink at this job most of the time, but I have found a few things that work.

Enjoy the pool time. Pray for hot weather so that the kiddos can go out and swim.

Love, Traci