Monday, September 08, 2008

Everybody's Adjusting To School

Ava: State of Affairs

Ava has clearly adjusted to school. In the last two weeks she had taken spelling tests, and aced them. She rides a very large bus. She has even found ways to make the ten year old neighbor girl her very own personal playmate, even though a much older and probably cooler 11 year old girl lives in between the two girls. Eleven year old girl still will not be caught dead with 1st grader Ava. But it is only September, and there is of course time for her to weave her complicated web drawing older and more sophisticated beings into her inner circle.

And her new favorite thing to say to me is.....

"Mom, your lip gloss is soooo not shiny any more." Then she bursts into hysterical giggles and skips away.

The kicker is, she gets proper timing, and just when to get me with the lipgloss comments. Move over've met your match. Although, my daughter will not be banning anyone's books. I'm still her mother and I won't allow that.


Liv: State of Affairs

Went to preschool last week day one...cried only 10 minutes...a rousing success if you ask me.
Went to preschool day two and cried over 1/2 an hour and would not participate in very much at all. Declares little girl named Sara her good friend. "Sara nice, no hurt." Hmmm....must speak to teacher about that comment.

All weekend, I occasionally hear...No peeskool, I kwry." Oh child, do twist that knife in my heart before you take it out again. Need I explain why you simply must venture off the cul-de-sac and out of the Caillou infested playroom before age 4 again?

Tomorrow is peeskool day three. I'm gearing up.


Nikki said...

Ava cracks me up! I'm sure she'll have all the older girls following her lead in no time.

Hope Liv had a good week (with no more tears) heartbreaking.

B-squared said...

Hope Liv keeps doing better and better in presch. K keeps asking to play with "wivia"...although I think she might match Ava personality-wise. (My little sassy one recently told her dad to "Get out my house, daddy. Go!" Nice....) Thankfully they're all so darn cute, eh?

Kristin said...

Liv! Stop, you're breaking my heart!!

Ava and Eva need to hang... together they can plot world domination.