Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy New Year Everyone. The year of the rat. 2008

Ava asked if we could get a rat to celebrate since we don't have pets anymore.
That would be a resounding Bu. Mandarin for No. We have a strict no rodent policy in this house. Rules are rules, mixing of cultures provides for no exceptions.

Livi is celebrating by carrying lucky coins in her overall pockets today. She seems to be guarding them with pitbull"like" instincts. She is also celebrating with several Bu's of her own.
For example, she yells No No No at the top of her lungs when anyone tries to help her with her coat, zippers, snaps, window blinds, light switches, and garage door openers or shoes of any kind. It is the emphatic type of screeching No, No, No, that is sometimes reserved for people who have savant tendencies , which is a little disturbing at the least.

She will then throw herself on the floor screaming when you tell her she has to hurry up or she will miss the family bus ride to where ever we happen to be going. This results in making us permanently 20 minutes late for just about everything.

I'm celebrating in denial that I can't go anywhere without a full frontal diplomatic intervention with a two year old about the importance of socks in February in the midwest. "La La La, I can't hear you." I'm holled (is that a word?) up back in the sewing room which I've decided now should be called the studio...since it sounds more pretentious and official sewing my little guts out just because...for some weird reason it seems to bring me peace.

If you are the crafty type or simply love handbags the way I do feel free to see the new pic'ies at Pink Evita. Is it annoying that I continuously shamelessly plug these fabric bits on the blog? If it is you can tell me. I'm that type of girl.

Here it is. A very happy Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family. May the new year bring peace and happiness, health and prosperity to your family. May it also bring you children in your life that can be reasoned with.

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nikki said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours, Perrin!

Love the handbags...the hipster is TOO cute.

And, wait till she's 3. I am in LOVE with age 3.