Thursday, October 04, 2007

Home girls

Since we've had our panties all in a twist over preschool and separation anxiety and sensory integration overload (for both of us) we, ok I, decided that today we would eat nachos and slink around the house in our jammies. La la la...we have no issues and we just want to watch too much tv and perhaps toss in a load of laundry while waiting for Ava to come home, who is off galavanting saving the world and creating peace in the middle east while at kindergarten. But then Liv got yogurt all over her jammies and she had to upgrade to tee shirt and shorts. I however am holding strong and wearing piggie jammies. Loves me my piggie jammies.

Here is what is happening at this very minute on the cul-de-sac. More specifically the nursery on the cul-de-sac.
Toys have been overturned. Home girl has decided that there will be no fun without large mess en masse. She's doing everyone a favor since now we can't see the dirty carpet very well. Good thinking.

Oh, that face.

I occurred to me at the fabric store yesterday that I have become one of those parents who thinks that everything her baby does is just the cutest damned thing ever. Even when she is pulling down large boxes of lighting equipment that goes crash when hitting linoleum. She laughed, I laughed and the sales lady did not. She said something to the tune of "It might help if he was in a cart." He? Um...the pink pebbles hairdo and pink shoes did not throw off an estrogen radar? When did this happen? I was not this parent with my first. It must have happened some time around the first child going off to school and realizing that child number 2 will eventually fly the nest as well. Although, if you are following recent school developments that remains up for debate. Regardless, I am officially annoying and have an equally annoying but awfully darn sweet natured albeit rambunctious child.

What time are nachos served? Ring the bell.


Beverly said...

She is so cute and looks nothing like a boy.


Anonymous said...

Hailey went through the same thing. I try agin at 3 and she did fine.. Enjoy the time with her for now.. They grow up to fast as it is.. Now Hailey is 9 will be 10 in Feb. and loves school.. But is still mommy girl..

Sandy said...

She's gorgeous and is all girl. My daughter was in a pink dress at the mall one day (granted she was sitting in a stroller, but come on!) and someone referred to her as a boy. I couldn't believe it! Oh well. As long as we know how wonderful they are that's what matters most.

LINDA said...

AWESOME! I love your blog and the way you capture life for us to share. I found you on one of the many sites I visit and I am delighted I did. Your daughter is beautiful. Your attitude is fantastic and I, too, love to spend as much of a rough day as I can in my jammies!
Some people only notice what affects them. The clerk was blind to everything but her "problem".
That is one gorgeous GIRL!