Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Doll Quilt

I have seen so many crafty blogs displaying doll quilts recently. I'm not sure why I'm a wee bit obsessed with quilting right now since :
1. I am not a big "country look" person and
2. my first attempt at quilting material was a complete bust.
However, when I saw my girls playing with the stuffed animals and dolls (we hardly have any dolls since Ava shunned them like like a polar bear in the hot summer sun) before Liv came into the big picture. Alas, perhaps she just needed a doll playmate? Now the girls seem to like to carry them around the house and of course give them super fast rides in the doll stroller going 30 mph around the sharp edges of the end tables in the playroom. My heart grows two sizes bigger as I see them play together and Liv really has a sweet way with those stuffed dogs and the scary Baby Mulan doll. She feeds them milk. Come on, doesn't that deserve an obligatory ahhhhhhh?

With all of this said, of course they need a proper doll quilt. Here were my criteria for this little project.

1. Cannot purchase one thing. I certainly have enough pink"ish" material around here collecting dust to craft up a small doll quilt or 20.
2. Must be uber easy. I haven't exactly proven myself quilt worthy yet. And I'm less of a perfectionist that the creative spirit type. (Quilts require math people.) I had to use 3rd grade multiplication, enough said.
3. Must be quick. As I am not a country craft gal, I might lose interest and start with the handbags again. You just never know.

Here is what I yanked from the sewing room closet last night. See what I mean about the pleuthera of pastels? I'd like to go on record as saying I'm hardly a pastel type of gal either, but almost 5 years in raising girls and you can get pretty pink'd if you're not careful.

So, off to work I went. The girls tucked in their beds with visions of pink sugar plums dancing in their heads. Ma in her kerchief holding back the almost grown out bangs, serious business began. (For posterity's sake I should post a picture of my over grown bangs. Ava keeps asking me what I am doing with them they are so bad.) Note to self: Must call for hair appt. Two hours later I had this.

At the last minute I decided to top sew some ribbons which I think might have been a mistake. I think I might have liked it better before the ribbons. Oh well, it is a doll quilt for two little girls. It's not hanging in the Smithsonian.
I left it downstairs for Ava to find this morning. She brought it to Olivia saying, "Hey, look we got a quilt!" Olivia replied with "Da?" Meaning where is my father?
Ungrateful little mite.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe "Da" also means "Thank you Mom for this great quilt you made with your own two hands which is so great it could be in the Smithsonian if it wasn't going to become my favorite object ever." I mean who majored in linguistics?

Take care, Lin