Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chatting It Up With The Agency Folks

My agency called last night. It was not a call about our adoption, I truly did not expect a call about the baby but I admit to being a little off guard when I saw the caller id. Apparently they wanted to link up information about Chinese Culture Camp this summer to their web site. Oh, fabulous...the extra linkage might bring in a few more able bodies to camp. Great. Then she asked if she could use my name as a contact name.

Nope sorry, not the main volunteer gal this summer. I'm happy to direct you to the right volunteer brigade but me, no no. I'm getting my baby in the next batch right? Way too busy with the newest bambina to be dishing about Chinese fan dancing for 7 year olds right? I'll be freaking out adapting to mid-western time in August right? I'll be ferberizing a child late this summer right? I'll be immensely busy dressing her in obnoxious lady bug outfits by September, right?

Want to know what she said? Probably not, I'm telling you anyway.

"Well, yes I do see here by your paperwork that you are LID June 16th. And, while we do hope to be calling you late in June or early July (early July? Hasn't she followed the last six months of trends where referrals are announced late month...) we just don't know for sure." But it all looks promising, but no guarantees. Yes, I do hope we can call you with a referral, ugh ugh ugh."


What? Hello, breathe out loud sweet agency chickie. This is my second time around the high school track ok? The CCAA has processed up to and including June 15th, Muffin Man and I jumped through every hoop and landed in the garden of communist eden on June 16th. Unless they process 10 minutes into the 16th and we are 20 minutes into the 16th we are getting a referral next month. Capiche? I'm thinking that this is shall we say a "sure thing"? Since we've been sitting over there in Beijing for 1 year and are at the very top of the stack, how could we not be referred the one and only best child for us the second time around? Sweet, eager to sleep but yet to be officially named, cutest higher than average IQ makes her own clothes baby of the year is merely a formality at this point. Might I add she and I are communicating telepathically and will be united in bodily form in a matter of 8-9 short weeks. RIGHT?

Apparently my agency is handing out no guarantees.

I think that this gal was taking her "tell that client nothing" training to heart. Or perhaps she had to deal with the 67th family jumping on the stow-away to Vietnam or North Korea ship this week. Perhaps she was tired....of dealing with folks like me.

Ok, but my money's still on June. And, I don't want to hear from the folks that remember my money back in the March pool either. Once again. Pick up a stack and match it for heaven's sake.

And, for the record I want a newer pollyanna'esque China coordinator. I want a little sunshine blown up my butt. I've waited long enough for sunshine. Speaking of which more pool pictures soon.


Traci said...

Who in the world did you talk to?! Good grief. The good news is that we don't need our agency this month. We have each other to blow sunshine up each other's butts! So, with that said, PERRIN AND MUFFIN MAN ARE GETTING A REFERRAL IN THREEE OR FOUR MORE WEEKS!!! How did that feel up your skirt? And by the way, nice butt!


Wendy said...

What? She's seriously crazy. You ARE getting your referral next. I mean they have to do at least one day's worth.

Johnny said...

You really should have jumped her ass. I can't believe an agency can look at a 1 day difference and say "July". Bogus. But then, maybe as you say, she's weary of saying anything to parents.

Jacquie said...

I'm mostly just a lurker here, but had to jump out with a IS SHE KIDDING ME HERE? I mean, seriously. You are sooooo getting your referral this month.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! She must be under strict orders not to get anyone's hope up, but come on! Our hopes been up since December! I say you will get that referral next month and hopefully, with a June 20th LID, I will too!


The Belanich's said...

Lordy, I can only imagine who you spoke to at the agency. I do have to give them credit they don't want to give us any false hope. You will be getting your referal this month....... I can not wait to see June 16th beauties!

Colleen said...

I will be your PollyAnna Perrin because you ARE getting a referral in this next batch and that WILL be in June!

Sheesh. I'm annoyed by this woman and she's not even with my agency.

Susan said...

We, too, were with a lips tighter than bark on a tree agency and they never gave any inkling, clue or breathed an iota when our referral was on the way (I had the tracking number and knew who signed for it and when) but I digress...I agree with Traci and everyone else. It's coming! It's coming! Your referral will be here soon and we are dying to see how cute this kidlet is going to be.

We'll send up some happy thoughts, good wishes and begs for good Karma for you.